The 3 Major Factors To Consider When Choosing A Professional Painter

Choosing a professional painter to paint a house or office can be a daunting task as there are many things to consider. 

While this is indeed true, most of these considerations can be grouped under 3 major factors. 

These factors are the “make or break” considerations to make when deciding which painters to work with. 

Here are the major factors to consider when hiring a professional painter:


The cost of hiring a professional painter is one of the most important factors to consider.

It’s essential to get quotes from potential painters so the investment required to upgrade a property’s paint job can be defined and understood.

Working to learn about the painting process, and the different options available to make an informed decision is recommended.

This will require a commitment of time and energy but most professional painters are willing to be involved in that education process & answer questions are they arise.

To not demand too much of a potential painter’s time, a few google searches can speed up this process & is strongly recommended to get up to speed with how painting works as quickly as possible.  


While cost is important…it is also important to have the project completed and to a high standard.

Learning about the experience of the potential painters that are supplying quotes will help a decision-maker to be able to look at more than just cost alone.

All painting projects are created equal so it is critical that any painter who’s hired has experience with the specific type of project at hand as they’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges associated with this type of painting job.

This experience can be expressed verbally or by reviewing past works/portfolios.

A quality painter will be able to supply examples of their past works easily or will have these on display on their website.

An example of such a painter displaying past works online is Phoenix Painting & Decorating & their online gallery shows the range of projects they have experience with.


Most would say “trust” is the third major factor to consider but trust is only built over time. In most circumstances, the relationship between a client & painter is a new one so it is difficult to objectively review “trust” however it is possible to review “conduct”.

The right professional painter will not only have evidence of past works completed but also feedback from past clients.

The first place to look for this is as reviews on the Google Business Profile.

Are there people raving about their business? Is it empty? Are there negative comments?

While there are always two sides to a story these should indeed be considered.

You can view our reviews on the reviews page shown in the menu of our website or by clicking on our Google profile

Also, when dealing directly with a potential painter, It would help to consider how professional and responsive each potential painter is when going through the hiring process.

A good painter who has the capacity to take on this project will be responsive and communicative while planning the project, and they’ll be able to provide a realistic timeline for completion.


While looking to hire a professional painter, keep these key factors in mind during the search. Remember that it’s always better to choose a painter who has experience in similar jobs rather than someone who may be less experienced but offers lower rates. There is always more to consider than price alone. With the right painter selected for a project, the paintworks will look great for years to come!

If you’re based in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia & are looking for a professional Albany painting company that ticks the boxes of all the factors above, consider Phoenix Painting & Decorating. We’re a friendly team of quality painters who provide free quotes & guarantee our work. For more information click here to call or fill out the request for a FREE quote by clicking here.

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