9 Tips On How To Prepare For Professional Painters

Hiring a professional painter may seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparation and understanding of what they do and don’t do, you can make sure that your home is in its best condition before they arrive. From picking out paint colours and materials to preparing your for their arrival, we’ve got all of the information you need to make working with painting companies a breeze. 

9 Tips On How To Prepare For Professional Painters

For a seamless painting process, there are steps you can take before the painting crew arrive, so your home is ready to go. To prevent a paint splatter on any of your personal items, it’s best to have them out of the way before the painting process begins!

1. Speak to the person you’ve hired for the job 

Before embarking on your painting project, it’s best that you have spoken with the person doing it to make sure you’re on the same page! Licensed painting contractors will be able to provide you with a wealth of painting tips from colour choice to finishes, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to live with it, so help them make your space beautiful by choosing colours together so you will love your walls over time.  

2. Move and cover furniture

While it is best to remove furniture completely, if this can’t be achieved, then ensure your belongings are away from the walls and cover them with drop cloths in order for the painting team to do their job. 

3. Remove electronics and appliances

In your preparation for painting, remove electronics and appliances that will inhibit the paint crew from reaching the spaces they need to. 

4. Remove wall hangings and ornaments

If you have a lot of valuable items, you may want to consider hiring a short-term storage space if the professional paint job is for your entire home or office. As you don’t want drops of paint on your decorative items or family heirlooms, take these down and store them in a safe place. This applies also to your window treatments, such as curtains or blinds, so safely store these out of the way. 

5. Protect soft furnishings (if you can)

Our paint crew will do everything they can to ensure that your fabric items are looked after, however, a day of painting can be smelly work! To prevent soft furnishing from absorbing the paint fumes, we suggest covering them with a plastic cover. 

6. Clear the space of items

To prevent accidental damage or rogue paint splashes, empty your space of any items that aren’t required by the painting team. 

7. Remove potential hazards

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so if you know of something around your premises that poses a risk of damage, let your painting contractors know about it, so they can allow for extra time to work around the hazard if it can not be removed. 

8. Vacate the area

Your painting team will give you an approximate time at the beginning of your job, and a professional house painting contractor will also let you know about the progress on the time it is taking to complete the job. For an expert paint job, it’s best to vacate the area for the duration of the job- modern paints can be hard to remove from clothing, so save yourself the pain of tripping over paint cans and let the team finish your job promptly! 

9. Other considerations before starting

Let your painting team know about what they can and can’t access during the job- you’ll need to think about the following because your team of painters are human after all! 


Do they have access to a bathroom inside your home or office? If not, what is readily available? You may need to provide a hired facility. 

Exit Routes?

How can the team safely and quickly exit the building should an emergency occur?

Break Areas?

Is there a suitable space for the team to eat lunch and have a cup of tea?

Anything Else?

Is there anything else your contractor needs to know about completing your paint service? Curfews, challenges, exceptionally chatty neighbours? 

You’re Ready For Your Professional Office & House Painters To Arrive

With all that considered, you are now incredibly prepared for your professional painting team to arrive and start work on transforming your space.

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