How Much Does A Painter Cost In Australia?

How much does a painter cost in Australia in 2022? Here’s your price guide with estimates and tips from professional painters and decorators. Read on!

Enhancing the appearance of your house with a new layer of paint can transform your building into something entirely different from how it was. However, the cost of painting a building is not constant. Different paint jobs come with different prices of a very wide range. This significant variability of painting costs results from a lot of variable factors.

Before the cost of painting a house can be estimated, some different factors like the size of the house, the age and condition of the house, the accessibility of the house, the level of detail required, and the material the house is made from having to be considered. All these factors are the reason why suggesting precise numbers for the cost of painting can be tough. So, how much does a painter cost in Australia?

The Average Cost for Painting a House

Depending on the size or scale of the paint job, the standard hourly cost for painting a house in Australia is $50. The hourly cost range of hiring a painter is generally between $35 and $45. With the massive development in the infrastructure and housing sector of Australia, painters are becoming heavily demanded to help beautify the interior and exterior components of these buildings. As a result of this rise in the demand for professional painters, painting has grown to become a more demanding job. More demanding jobs tend to have higher hourly rates, and this can, in turn, impacts the price of the painting project or job. This average price can be steeper when major cities like Melbourne and Sydney are analyzed. While painters in cities like Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth may charge up to $35 to $40 per hour, those in bigger and more populated cities like Melbourne and Sydney may charge between $40 to $45 per hour. Below is a table showing the average hourly rate and general cost for painting in some major Australian cities drawn from a variety of sources on the internet.

The average house painting cost consists of all of the interior painting, exterior painting, fence painting, roof painting, and all other standard house areas. This means painting a full house involves all of these regions. However, the exterior house painting costs more than interior house painting.

The Cost of Painting the Exterior 

The average cost from a professional painter for painting the exterior of a house made of brick in Australia is between $15 to $45 per square meter. Timber surfaces, however, could range from $12 to $60. Since the house exterior depicts the general appearance from the outside, exterior painting tends to cost more. 

The cost of painting jobs involving painting the entire exterior surface of a house could go as high as $30,000+ per project. The average cost of painting the exterior of a single storey house starts from $3,000 and can go as far as $18,000. The work of painting the exterior of a house can be tedious if it includes the eaves, gutters, cladding, windows and fascia boards. For a double-storey home, the cost of painting its interior could start from $15,000 and move to as much as $30,000. While this may sound pricey, it is important to know that the exterior surface of a house will only require repainting every five to six years, which makes it a good investment.

Some factors capable of impacting an increase in the cost of an exterior paint job include:

  • size of the house, 
  • level of colour detail required, 
  • ease of accessibility
  • type of surface and the condition of the surface being painted,
  • estimated number of coats of paint required, 
  • decorative elements requiring detailed painting
  • cost of paint at the time
  • height of ceiling
  • number of windows, window trims & doors
  • number of colours used: multi or single colour
  • much more

Any respectable professional painter should be able to provide an accurate estimate on the exterior painting cost after an onsite assessment.

It should be noted that if there are issues with the home or if cracks and holes are found on the surface of exterior walls, the painter is left with the burden of resurfacing the walls so as to provide a quality paint job. This will, in turn, add to the overall costs of the project.

The Cost of Painting the Interior

The average cost an interior painter will charge ranges from $10 to $30. This price range covers painting involving a single undercoat and two finish coats. The interior includes every corner of the house, including the ceilings, floors, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, the living room, and the hallway.

In painting a bedroom, the standard cost is between $300 and $750. To get the best results, several litres of paint, together with a primer, will be used during the course of painting. However, this price can go even steeper if the colour schemes become overly complicated. Some other factors capable of influencing the cost of interior house painting include the area covered, the paint painting material, any extra equipment and the time needed.

The cost of painting a bathroom is relatively cheaper when compared to that of a bedroom. This is because bathrooms are generally smaller than bedrooms and often require a different type of paint. The cost for painting a bathroom ranges from $150 and $350. The reason for using a different type of paint is because bathrooms are known to be closely associated with water, and these paints are much more durable and easier to maintain than regular paint.

Homeowners can reduce the cost of an interior painting by painting more rooms for a single paint job. The more rooms painted, the less the cost to be covered at the end. As an example, painting five rooms in a single job will cost less than painting five rooms in five different jobs. It is, therefore, economically wise, to opt for painting multiple rooms on a single job rather than painting those rooms in separate jobs.

In cases where cracks and holes are found on the surface of interior walls, the painter is left with the burden of resurfacing the walls so as to get the best possible results. This will, in turn, add to the overall costs of the project. Some other factors capable of affecting or altering the cost of interior painting include the cost of the paint product to be used, complications involved with the surface area to be painted, the preparation work required, the height of the ceiling, the complexity of the colours, and the availability of decorative plaster ceilings etc.

Which Factors Affect The Painting Cost Most?

Some common factors that affect the cost of house painting include;

  1. The cost of the paint being used: High-quality paints tend to be more pricey than low-quality ones. In painting a house, using high-quality paints will lead to an increase in the total cost of the paint job.
  2. Condition of surface to be painted: Before painting can be started, the surface to be painted has to be free of cracks and holes. If a surface to be prepared for painting has on it cracks, holes, adhesive, and other things perceived as unwanted, the painter has to fix the condition of the wall before painting. This is, of course, done at an extra cost.
  3. Colour of the paint: Yes! The colour of the paint can affect the cost of painting. This is because some colours require the application of extra layers in order to get optimal results. So, in cases where white paint is being applied on a black background, more paints have to be applied. Doubling or tripling the layers of paint on a surface cake for more costs.
  4. Cost of the painting materials used during painting: The cost of the tools and materials used in the painting process has to be added to the general cost of painting. These tools and materials aren’t limited to brushes and rollers alone as most often, painters tend to take with them rented tools like power-washer and generators in cases of spraying. Some painters also have insurance in case of damages. All of these tend to increase the cost of the paint job.
  5. Decorative features: Sometimes, attention is put on details and overall decoration. Designs can be simple or complex. These designs take time and skill to achieve. With this, a client who decides to design his/her building has to be ready to pay extra costs.
  6. Location and accessibility of your home: Sometimes, painters go on long journeys to paint houses. Most of these times, tools and equipment for painting have been shipped over long distances. The shipment of this equipment will lead to extra costs. Also, the ease of access to your home had to be taken into consideration. 

Other than helping to beautify a house, painting helps to add flair and life to any structure. A house with an excellent paint job will attract more people than a house with a basic paint job. In Australia, new styles of housing are being introduced into the housing system and with this, one may wonder how the painting industry is catching up with this trend. Luckily, the paint industry is no stranger to innovations. High-quality and innovative paints are already selling rapidly in markets today.

While we choose the combination of colours we’d like for our houses, it is also important to choose the best painters to handle the job. An excellent painter can transform an old and boring house into a new and exciting one. It is also important to know that painting your house will always prove worthy irrespective of the costs involved. 

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